Friday, April 8, 2011

Angie Comes to Visit

How much fun was our visit with our most favorite two year old!?? 
A LOT of fun! 
Our beautiful granddaughters, Megan and Darby came for a visit.  And Little Miss Angela, Megan's daughter, came too! 
Miss Angie was "very busy" in our yard before dinner.  We were actually experiencing a mild evening with some sunshine, for a change.  So, she had lots of fun moving things around and watching Darby's baby "Tristan" run around the yard.
Darby loved showing us all all the fun tricks that Tristan knew how to do.  We love our furry four legged Great Grandpuppy very much!
 Angie LOVES her Aunt Darby VERY much!
It was so fun having them come to visit!  We love our girls... Oh yes... and boy Great Grandpuppy too!

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