Sunday, July 10, 2011

Capitol City Theater

On Friday night we went to the Capitol City Theater located in the Reed Opera House.  What a FUN evening!  Great Improv Comedy - right here in little ol' Salem.  And, they keep it clean - which is nice because you can take your kids, or your Mom and not be worried about the language or topics. 

These are the performers.  They were GREAT!
Go out and enjoy a really fun evening next Friday or Saturday night.  They have two shows each night, 7:30pm and 9pm.  And, if you're in the mood to learn Improv - they have classes every Wednesday evening!  Sounds like the Ya Ya's and I should plan on attending one of those!  Could be fun... but might be scary... You never know when the Ya Ya's get together!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our 11th Anniversary

Last night we celebrated our 11th Anniversary of love and laughter!  The Ya Ya's were in rare form - although we were sad that Laura and Jamie couldn't join us.

For our Anniversary we decided it would be nice to plant a tree.  Adrienne chose a Ponderosa Pine and we planted it on her property just off her patio.
Here are Kathy and Brenda giving the tree some "Ya Ya Love" before being planted. 
Brenda and Adrienne doing the planting 

All planted and quite happy with its home! 
So Adrienne - it's all up to you now.  The fate of the Ya Ya's is in your hands.  I told her - "so, if the tree dies, I suppose that means the Ya Ya's need to break up."  I doubt we could really follow through with that... tree or no tree.... we're the best of friends - ALWAYS!
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