Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Orleans - Part 1

We celebrated Cindy's birthday in her favorite city, New Orleans.  Our trip began August 26th and returned home on September 4th.  It included lots of fun excursions - tons of good food and drink - familiar heartwarming locations - an emotional trip to the Lower Ninth Ward - and Tropical Storm Lee.  We can truly say we have fully experienced New Orleans now that I went through a Tropical Storm.  I think we can live without experiencing a hurricane there!

When we flew in, we immediately visited with our friend Christine.  She took us to a wonderful restaurant, Gott Gourmet, where John at a 1 pound hamburger... and was still hungry!  Growing boy?  You be the judge.  She also drove us around some neighborhoods that we hadn't been to before and we enjoyed our first beignets of the trip.  (Those are John's favorite)  Can't believe we forgot to take photos together - AGAIN!  We forgot the last time we visited with she and Michael.  Next time, for sure!

Our first day we ate brunch at one of our favorite restaurants - Court of Two Sisters!

The food goes on.... and on.... and on....
That night we enjoyed a trip to Cafe Du Monde for beignets, and a stroll around St. Louis Cathedral.  It's gorgeous during the day and almost more beautiful at night.

The next day Richard and I walked around the French Quarter and ended up people watching at the French Market.  We enjoyed some Cajun Ice Tea's that were quite tasty and shared an Alligator Sausage Po'Boy.

Later that day John wanted to walk around and find someplace to eat.  We ate at another one of our favorites, The Crescent City Brewhouse.  They are celebrating their 20th Anniversary.  We realized we have been going there practically since they opened.
 And after dinner we strolled along the Moonwalk to enjoy the beautiful Mississippi River.
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