Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day is a bittersweet day for me.  Of course I want to celebrate my wonderful husband who is a fabulous father to our son John and to Kristi & Brian - but it's a difficult day for me because I miss my Dad so much. 

John Porter was a pretty spectacular man.  He left an impression on everyone who knew him.  He left a legacy in his work at Disneyland - and he left a legacy of love in his family and friends. 

My Dad was loving, talented, kind, honest, had an incredible work ethic with tons of integrity, was funny, smart, brave, an honest and loving husband, the best Daddy, and an all around "mans man".  

I love you so much Dad - and I miss you EVERYDAY!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Craft Cabinets

I love working on crafts.  I stamp cards, make scrapbooks and quilt... and with those hobbies come a lot of supplies.  To this point, one half of my family room has always been piled high with craft supplies.  Tables and shelves were full of the "tools of trade"... and not in any particular or neat order.  So, my dream has always been to have a craft area, complete with counters and cabinets, in which I could "hide" my supplies when not in use - and have plenty of space to spread out when working on a project.

Robin Wengert, owner of Green Rising Construction LLC (click here to view their website) made my dreams come true when he designed and created a fabulous space for me.  (Robin also created my beautiful front door entry-way.  Click here to read my blog post and see photos.)

We purchased the cabinets and counter tops from Home Depot, and Robin worked his magic to make this an inviting and functional space. 

I love spending time in my family room now... a place for everything - and everything in it's place!
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