Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Ya Ya Sisters...

WHENEVER the Ya Ya's are together there is laughter, and good fun, and lots of talking followed by more laughter. Tonight was NO exception. We had a wonderful full evening! (Check out my GumboYaYa blog to see what we ate and get the recipes!)

We exchanged our Christmas ornaments - yes we know that Christmas was two weeks ago, but our December evening was cancelled due to horrible weather. And we celebrated Brenda's birthday. Brenda has perfected the "fake candle blow" for the perfect birthday photo!

As usual, it was the perfect evening - filled with my most perfect friends.

I love my Ya Ya's!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tomorrow Night is...

... Ya Ya's!!

I'm so excited to see my Ya Ya sisters. We had to cancel our December get together because of the weather. (Nasty snow and ice!) But, we will celebrate tomorrow night at my house. I've already set the table. Since last month was supposed to be our Christmas get together, I had chosen a "winter wonderland" theme. I think it still works in January!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I Love...

... the smell of awards season in the morning! Ok.. I know that was corny... but it's true.

I never seem to have that "holiday let down" that many talk about. I know that when the holidays are over - award season begins. We'll be starting next Sunday, January 11th, with the Golden Globes! Very exciting. Click here to view a complete list of the nominees!

So far, we've seen "Doubt", "Curious Case of Benjamin Button", "Slumdog Millionaire", "Mamma Mia", "In Bruges", "Burn After Reading", & "Vicky Christina Barcelona". These are all nominated in the best picture categories - with the exception of "Doubt". (The Golden Globes differ from the Academy Awards in that there are two "best picture" categories. One for drama and the other for musical or comedy.) We will try to get one or two more nominated films in before next Sunday. But, given the slowness with which some films come to Salem, I may not have the opportunity.

We just got home from seeing "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". So far, this is my choice for best picture of the year. Much of this epic film takes place in our beautiful New Orleans. Of course, we haven't seen EVERYTHING yet. But, this is about as close to a perfect film as I've seen. (And hey! Brad Pitt isn't too hard on the eyes either!)
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