Sunday, May 8, 2011

Travis' Birthday

Travis is one of my most favorite teenagers... next to my son - of course.  We celebrated his birthday last night. 
Here he is with his sisters, Callie & Kaelie... "Speak No Evil" - "Here No Evil" - and "See No Evil".  Well, Travis actually looks like he was sleeping... but he's not peeking... so he has the right idea.
And what brother and sister photo would be complete without one of these shots??
Travis' Grandma - Mira
Callie and Kaelie looking VERY innocent.... Hmmm.....
And we celebrate Travis by singing to him... loudly and intentionally off key.
Yup.. he had a pretty good time, and got lots of fun presents.
Love you Travis!  Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Celebrate Richard

Richard didn't want a big "to do" for his birthday this year.  He opted for a quiet dinner at our favorite restaurant, Rudy's.
 Our friends Robin & Travis joined us for a fun evening - filled with really yummy food - a lots of laughs.

Richard is a loving husband and father.  He's a fabulous brother and uncle and a really good friend.  He's funny, smart and generous... and everyone that knows him, loves him.

Happy Birthday Richard.  Love you always, honey!
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