Sunday, September 26, 2010

Escalators - Sentimental Sunday No. 55

Cindy & Dad - early 1961
It’s such a simple thing – really! You walk over to it, place your foot upon it, and down you go. Escalators are commonly used and found in most malls, airports, office buildings. I’ve been using them all my life. Why then do I always have such a difficult time getting on one?

Jesse Wilford Reno produced the first working escalator (he actually called it the "inclined elevator") and installed it alongside the Old Iron Pier at Coney Island, New York in 1896. I used my first escalator about 1961. I’ve never had a problem “going up”. But, “coming down” is a completely different story!

My Dad told me that when I was little I would stand at the top of the escalator and cry and scream, because I was afraid to get on it. I don’t know what it is about stepping on that first step to ride down – but it frightens me. And to this day, I still hesitate before I get on one to ride down. I’m fine once I’m on it – but that initial step creates just a little bit of panic inside.

I was reminded about this fear the other day when a friend and I were at the mall. We walked over to the escalator to ride down, but the escalator wasn’t working. Lord Help Me! Walking down a non-working escalator is even MORE difficult for me. Must be a depth perception thing – who knows, but my friend was laughing hysterically at me. He thought it was hilarious that I had to walk down so slowly – panicking all the while.

I wish I remembered the days of me crying at the top of the escalator – I’m sure my Dad couldn’t understand what my problem was, and it probably frustrated him. Today I don’t cry before I place my foot on that first step, but inside I’m still that same little girl not wanting to step foot on the moving metal giant. Yup – I’m a dork!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Love Lucy - Sentimental Sunday No. 55

“I Love Lucy” was one of my favorite shows growing up. During the summer months it was on television every weekday morning at 9am. I watched all the episodes with my Mom. Those are happy memories.

The show never fails to make me laugh, no matter how many times I’ve seen the episode.; and I’ve seen ALL the episodes at least five or six times. (All 194 of them)

It is difficult to choose my favorite episodes, but some are  “Vitameatavegemin”, “The Chocolate Factory” and of course “The Grape Stomping” episode. But there are many that are less well known that tickle my funny bone. For example, the one when Lucy and Ethel buy a walk in freezer and a side of beef – without Ricky and Fred knowing about it – and Lucy gets locked in the freezer and nearly freezes to death. Or the time they decide to live in “pioneer days” and Lucy bakes the loaf of bread that is huge and comes out of the oven and pins her against the cabinets – because she thought the recipe said 13 cakes of yeast, rather than three.

Especially dear to my heart are all of the episodes when they are travelling to California, and then when they are in Hollywood. Who could ever forget the girls stealing John Wayne’s footprints from in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater? Or, when Lucy is asked to be in a fashion show, but she gets so sunburned… and then has to wear a 100% wool suit on the runway. Her agony was palpable.

I am always instantly happy whenever I watch an “I Love Lucy” episode. She was a genius - and so was Desi Arnaz. He invented the 3-camera sitcom and was an incredible visionary when he had the show filmed, rather than recorded on kinescope.  I Love Lucy was the first television show to be shot in front of an audience on 35mm film.  It is because of his vision that we have all of these treasures more than 50 years later. What a gift they left us all.

I loved Lucy when I was young – and to this day I still do. I own the entire collection on DVD and watch them while walking on the treadmill. And, as I’m watching episodes I can almost hear my Mom’s laughter – because she loved Lucy too. 

Lucille Ball was credited with many clever quotes – but I’ll leave you with my favorite, “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

Who doesn’t "love Lucy" - she was FABULOUS!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Letters From Sea - Sentimental Sunday No. 54

Here is another letter written by my Father to my Mom. Their anniversary would be tomorrow; 69 years. This letter was written two days before their first anniversary. It was my Dad’s “anniversary card” to her. If I EVER doubted, which I haven’t, their love for each other – this letter would put those doubts to rest.

September 11, 1942

My Darling Wife:

I have been sitting here reading a book for the past hour and it reminded me of our lives and problems and I just couldn’t read any longer without writing and telling you that I love you from the very bottom of my heart, darling. I don’t know whether I shall be able to mail this letter or not, but I must write it to ease the pent up feeling I have inside me. I know that if I could just hear your voice, I know it would disappear.

My love for you is so very great, that when I’m away from you I feel like I shall explode. I miss you so terribly much sweetheart; and just knowing that you love me and are waiting for me to come home is the only thing that keeps me sane.

In two more days we’ll have been married a year and darling I want you to know that it has been the most heavenly year I’ve ever known. Just being your husband and knowing your love is all I want from heaven and earth. I do know that the love I have for you is real and true and that there never will be or could be anyone for me but you. You captured my heart from the very day I met you. I realize that you mean everything in the world to me and without you my life would be a blank. I truly know that I could never live without you and that as long as I have you, which I pray is forever, I shall one day be something. You’re my only happiness.

Although we are apart I know that our love for each other is just as strong as when together, and I’m sure that if every other married couple were as much in love and as true to each other, there would never be any need for divorce. I know that if there were no war that we would both be more contented with the fact that we could be together, but if every man loved his wife and longed for her as I do for you, their marriage could be nothing but a true honest and successful one.

I am looking forward to the day when we can be together always and build our home and live like we were intended to. But to put all this together and boil it down it simply means that I love you with all my heart and soul. Sweetheart, you’re my past, present and future and I shall be yours alone until the end of time.

I love you and miss you so terribly much darling. And I’m so hopefully praying that I shall be able to see you again; soon. Bye now sweetheart, and even though we can’t be together on our anniversary I’m wishing you a very very happy one.

Yours forever,
Your loving husband,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

House History - Sentimental Sunday No. 53

Our home was built in 1946.  It was the first home in this area.  The man that owned and built the home was Mr. Colgan.  He owned all the property around his home.  We are only the fourth owners of the house - and we've been fortunate to meet someone from each of the families that lived here previously. 
We both fell in love with this house when we walked through it the first time.  I love that I've met the people that lived here before.  It feels "full circle" to me - and I respect the history of our home.  The families that came before us laughed and loved here - and it makes me happy to continue that celebration in this house we call home.
When we remodeled our bathroom last year, we replaced the original tub.  After it was removed we discovered the bottle above with the note wrapped around it.  It had been placed under the tub as a 'time capsule', if you will.  F.P. Colgan owned and built the house in 1946.  "Porter Plasterer" is significant because Porter is my maiden name.  So, it was kismet - destiny - meant to be - that we should own this home and continue the tradition of love and laughter and happiness under this roof.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Celebration Continues

One of my favorite things about my birthday is getting to share it with one of my BFF's, Adrienne! 
We love celebrating together - especially with our Ya Ya Sisters!  A YaYa Birthday is the BEST!  This one was no exception!

~ Adrienne & Brenda ~
~ Brenda & Me ~
~ Kathy, Me & Jamie ~
~ Me with Laura ~
~ Kathy, Jamie & Laura ~
~ Make a Wish ~
Kathy made us a "Super Cake".  It was really good.  She put a lot of love and time into it.  And we had Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream too!
As usual, our Ya Ya Sisters spoiled up immensely.  It was a great evening, full of fun and laughter, fabulous food - and love and friendship.  We're so blessed to have each other.  I am thankful for these beautiful women who love me - and I love them right back!
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