Sunday, April 25, 2010

Genealogy - Sentimental Sunday No. 43

1856 - 1948

This is my Great Grandfather, Lewis B. Heslet. The more I research my family tree - the more gems I uncover.

My Uncle told me that Lewis was a blacksmith. He's looking for a photo to send me of Lewis in his blacksmith shop. I can't wait!

While googling some of my ancestors names I discovered that Lewis had applied for a patent and was approved in 1911. The patent was for a machine which sharpened plow shares. Here is an excerpt of the patent:

This invention relates to machines for sharpening plow shares, and it has for its object to produce a machine of this class of simple and efficient construction in which the plow share, after being adjusted in position for operation, may be automatically ground or sharpened without further attention on the part of the operator.

I don't know how successful the machine was, or how long it may have been in operation. More research on my part is needed. But, I was pretty excited to find this piece of information. The more tidbits I discover about my ancestors - the more excited I am to continue researching.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back to Reality

It is so hard getting back into the swing of things after vacation. Returning to work and school - trying to get the house back in order - just getting back to the daily "living of life".

How much more fun things would be if it were vacation EVERY day. But, I suppose THEN it wouldn't be as special... but I sure wouldn't mind giving it a try for a while. (Hey, a girl can dream - can't she?)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Orleans Trip - The End

Our last full day in NOLA was spectacular. The weather was perfect and we had a relaxing and fun filled day planned.

We made reservations for lunch at Commander's Palace. This restaurant is a New Orleans institution. We had never been before - so we were looking forward to a treat!

Our good friends, Tom & Kris, suggested that we make our reservations for the Garden Room. It was really beautiful. Great suggestion! Thanks guys.
The "$.25 Martini Lunch" is supposedly the best kept secret in town. It isn't well advertised - unless you go the website. We had a delicious meal - and a couple of equally delicious martini's. I couldn't believe our bar bill was only $1.00 ! Amazing!

After lunch we took some pictures outside the restaurant - and then headed across the street to the Lafayette Cemetery.

After our visit to the Garden District we headed back into the French Quarter for one last walk and look around the city that we love SO much!

The gorgeous St. Louis Cathedral -
A happy and handsome boy sitting on the steps of Jackson Square.

And a final photo from Pirates Alley.

We have been home for two weeks. We already miss the Crescent City. We're planning our return visit - probably sometime in the summer of 2011. Our hearts are always renewed in the city that we love so much!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Orleans Adventure - Part Three

We began this day by walking to the Civil War Museum. It was established in 1891 - and Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, had a huge hand in making sure that this memorial was established. This building is the oldest museum in Louisiana.

They don't allow photographs to be taken of the individual exhibits - but they do allow photos from the front door. It's a really beautiful building, filled with wonderful and sentimental memorabilia. I was amazed at how small in stature the men were. Their uniforms looked so small to me. We were able to see Robert E. Lee's mess kit - with his monogrammed silver ware. What a gem.

We made lunch reservations to eat a Muriel's on Jackson Square. It had come highly recommended by three different friends - so we had to try it. Wonderful doesn't come close to describing what a fantastic lunch we had there. We loved the ambiance of the restaurant and the service was impeccable. A real treat - and we highly recommend eating there if you're ever in NOLA.
After lunch we went to the Louisiana State Museum at the Cabildo - on Jackson Square.

What treasure trove this is! Original outfits from the 1800's

A slave collar from the 1840's - this was a very sobering exhibit for me. How sad to think of human beings treated like animals.
The beautiful second floor level where parties were held. The room off this receiving room was where the Louisiana Purchase was transferred.

Quite a bit of memorabilia belonging to Napoleon.

And his death mask. Truly a unique treasure.

And last, but not least, the piano that belonged to Fats Domino. It sat in his home in the Lower Ninth Ward in the flood waters after Hurricane Katrina. I got so sad looking at it. All the feelings of loss washed over me all over again.

One more day to blog. It makes me sad all over again - we love New Orleans so much. There is always such excitement when we are planning and preparing for our trips there. And then the sadness of having to leave sets in. (sad face)

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Friday, April 2, 2010

The Crescent City - Part Two

Day four of our trip, to the beautiful city of New Orleans, found us travelling to the Garden District on the historic St. Charles Street Car. It's always an experience to take the street car and enjoy the sights of another section of NOLA.

We walked to a local neighborhood "joint" called Parasol's for their famous roast beef po-boys. Parasol's has been featured on the Food Network as well as several magazines. Their po-boys were fantastic and worth the trip to the Garden District.

We wandered through the "GD" and ooh'd and ahh'd at all of the gorgeous homes. I could SO see myself living in one of these beauty's. I think I would fit right in!

While waiting to catch the streetcar to head back to the condo, we noticed that the trees and a few street lamps still looked like they were celebrating Mardi Gras - we couldn't believe how many beads were draped in the trees! It was really pretty!
Our special dinner at a special restaurant was planned for that night. He doesn't look it in the photo below, but we had one excited 15 year old. We were going to one of Emeril LaGasse's restaurants - Delmonico.
We've been to Emeril's two other restaurants in New Orleans - so this trip completed our tour of his establishments. The food was excellent and the restaurant itself was gorgeous, very stately.

It was a great fourth day. Stay tuned for the last two days of our trip in part three!

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