Thursday, September 4, 2008

YaYa's Rule...

First Wednesday of each month is Ya Ya night. If you have read my blog before you may have heard about the YaYa's already. These are my "Sistahs".... my best buds! The girls that keep me sane!

Here's Adrienne... my favorite Virgo girl! This was our official LAST birthday celebration of 2008. We have been celebrating for WEEKS, capping it all with our Ya Ya birthday. All of our girls certainly celebrated and spoiled us last night.
Here are Laura and Brenda.
And Kathy
And a group photo of Kathy, Jamie and Adrienne
As usual, I left YaYa's with a full belly from all the wonderful food (thanks for that ice cream cake Laura! It's A's and my favorite!) and sore sides from all the laughter.
Life just wouldn't be complete without my wonderful YaYa's!
(and Yes, we know that YaYa is Greek for Grandma. We chose the name because of the book "The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood".)


Columbo said...

Ya Ya's do rule, but it is boys night out on the Ya Ya's day.

laura said...

Yaya's are the best!! I wish everyone had a Yaya group - they are missing out!
Love ya!

irish daisies said...

its so nice to have so many wonderful friends. loolks like you all had a great time! i love it when my sides hurt form laughing so much :)

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like you girls had loads of fun. More power to you all.

Annie said...

wow..sounds like a lovely group of friends..good on you!


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