Saturday, January 9, 2010

Award Season...

... is looming large. The Golden Globes are next weekend, and the Screen Actor's Guild awards the weekend after that. We've been trying to see as many nominated movies as possible. It's an exciting time of year around our house.
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Last night I saw "Precious" with my friend Jenn. Richard really wasn't interested in seeing it. I will say he probably would have hated it. Very tough movie to watch. To see a mother allow her daughter to be abused in that way, and to watch the mother abuse her as well - it was heart breaking. However, that said, there were definitely some award winning performances in the film. In particular Mo'nique deserves all of the nominations she has received thus far, and I hope that she wins those awards. She was amazing as the mother.


laura said...

I've heard it's tough to watch. I love hearing all your reviews :-)

5Youngers said...

I love the award season. I try to watch as many awards as possible. Great review.

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