Sunday, May 23, 2010

Genealogy - Sentimental Sunday No. 44

This is my maternal Grandfather with my Mom. He was born in 1894.
My memories of him are good ones. He lived about 2 hours away from us when I was growing up. We would visit a couple of times per year. Every time we visited we would go out to dinner at various local restaurants. In the 1970's there weren't a lot of really fabulous choices in Hemet. I recall a couple of his favorites, and we always went to dinner quite early. Usually around 4pm. I remember that he enjoyed a cocktail before dinner and his favorite was a Brandy Alexander.

My Grandma Mary passed away in the late 1960's, and Grandpa never remarried. When he moved out of their home into a mobile home park down the street - he was quite popular with all the widows. Several times a few of them would come to visit him while we were there. At the time I didn't think anything of it. Now, I look back at how they would all fuss over him and it makes me giggle. Today I understand what a commodity an older gentleman is with the widows.

Grandpa was in World War I. Here is a photo of him with some of his unit. He is in the middle. My Uncle told me that only two men from his unit returned from the war. So sad.
Grandpa and my Grandma Maurine were my mom's parents. They divorced when my Mom was very young. However, this photo that I found, dated in 1930, indicates that perhaps they tried to reconcile at one point. Alas, it didn't work out. She ultimately married another man - and he married my Grandma Mary in the mid '30s.

Grandpa died in the early '80s. I miss our visits and early bird dinners with him. One of my prized possessions is a cherry-wood breakfront hutch. It belonged to Grandpa for many years. I treasure it and think of him when I look at it. When I open a drawer or door on it, I remember that these handles and this wood was touched by his hands as well. It brings me comfort to know that I can pass this on to my son and he will have something that belonged to his Great Grandfather. And, while a 15 year old boy doesn't find interest in this today - I hope that someday he will appreciate the history.


Columbo said...

A great Sentimental Sunday postings, one of my favorites.

Megan said...

Someday JJ will cherish the family memories you pass on to him. He is a lucky boy. I love seeing the old photos. What a great history you have.

Kim said...

This was such a great post! And he definitely will treasure those things someday....what a great legacy!

Patty said...

Beautiful story. Sorry I haven't been getting around to the blogs like I would want to. Seems life gets in my way. LOL

Jason, as himself said...

Sounds like he was a great guy. And I love that he got so much attention from all the widows.

Laura said...

Great photos and memories! I love these posts!!

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