Monday, February 21, 2011

Notre Dame Reunion

Ever heard of an Eighth Grade Reunion??? Yeah, I thought not!  We're a unique group.  Having gone to a small Catholic school, we were the same group of kids going from class to class each year - from first through eighth grade.  Some of us have stayed in touch - and in recent years our friend Keith has made it his mission to find as many of us as possible - and get us together for a couple of reunions.

On February 20th, fifteen of us met at Heidi's house for an evening full of great food, lots of memories, and just an overwhelming feeling of love and friendship.

Here's our group!  Hey - we don't look half bad all these many years later!
Our delicious chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling... Thanks Costco!
Carol and Me - BFF's for YEARS!
Ron, Keith in the background, Tom and Harry
The hostess with the mostest - Heidi.  She and her family were so welcoming and made the evening so special.
Lauren, Maria and Gigi
Tom & Me - what a fun guy he is.  Always was one of the class clowns... he hasn't changed a bit!
Carol and Keith.  We kept referring to this as their "Prom Photo"! 
Gigi, Tom and I having a laugh
Ron and Me
Erin lives on a ranch in Nashville.  I sure hope I can find some time in the near future to visit her.  We really enjoyed the time we spent visiting - and I've never been to Nashville before!
Keith surrounded by all the girls.... some things never change!
The carpool buddies - Sheila, Tom and Gigi
Having not seen most of these people for almost 20 years (at our last reunion) it was really fun to catch up and share a great evening with them.  We all stay in contact thanks to Facebook, which is really special. Some of our friends were unable to make it this time - so we'll just have to plan another wonderful evening in the not too distant future, hopefully. 


Hope said...

Cindy it was wonderful seeing you too! I am so honored that you took time out of your busy weekend to visit with me! I cannot wait to spend more time with you in the very near future!! Love always, Hope

Laura said...

I think it is so awesome that you guys still keep in touch!

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