Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in 2012

It's just another New Year's Eve... Which means fun and merriment with our neighbors/friends - who are much more like family.  We celebrated with fabulous appetizers and drinks at Kerry & Dodi's house, followed by  a delicious dinner, fun and games, champagne and cheers all around as 2012 began.

Here are some views from our evening!

~ My Tablescape ~

~ We played a little game with quarters... passing money back and forth around the table... too fun and a whole $6 at stake for each game. ~
 ~ Next we played B.S.... a fun card game where you call each other out when you think they're fibbing about what cards they are placing in the pile.  Cindy won, Alyssa came in second and then Dodi.  There was a lot of laughter during this game! ~
 ~ Apples to Apples was next.  Always a crowd pleaser ~
 ~ When we play, we say whatever cards you won describe you.  Here are our descriptions for the night... Hmm, my cards say I'm crazy!  What do you think?? ~
 ~ The guys waiting for midnight ~
 ~ Alyssa, Kerry & Dodi ~
Wishing everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year!

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Columbo said...

Fun time for all! We had a great time with our neighbors. Looking forward to another New Year.

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