Friday, May 31, 2013

Graduation & Celebration

I can't believe that my little boy - who it seems only yesterday I could rock to sleep in my arms - has graduated from High School and is going out into the world to be a responsible adult.  (Fingers Crossed!)

We were blessed to have family and friends here to celebrate this wonderful happening together!  Here are some photos from the weekend!
John and his two best buddies - Jake & Justin

Everyone came to our house before the ceremony for Sausage & Pepper sandwiches - and pictures, of course!

Justin is enjoying one of the sandwiches - and we're all feeling a little giddy and excited for the celebration!

The graduation ceremony was wonderful.  Salem Academy is a small school - there were about 55 graduates in John's class.  Each student is greeted as they walk on stage by a baby photo, a few words are said about each student, and as they receive their diploma their senior photo is displayed.  Really lovely!
Waiting for his turn to walk on stage.
Each student chose either a favorite bible verse, someone to thank, or a favorite memory.  John said his favorite memory of school was happening right now... walking across this stage.  He's such a character.


A little blurry - but their throwing their caps in the air!  Hooray!

We couldn't be more proud!

I love this boy so much!

Congratulations John James!  Wishing you only wonderfulness and joy in the coming years!  You've been a joy to your father and me... a true blessing from above.

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