Wednesday, March 11, 2009

American Idol - Week One

Are you a fan? We certainly are! Richard and Cindy are involved in an "Idol Contest" this year. We'll see how we do. Here are our picks:

Lil' Rounds ~ Adam Lambert ~ Allison Iraheta

Alexis Grace ~ Danny Gokey
Photos courtesy

We sure enjoyed the show last night. Tonight is the elimination round. Hopefully none of these five will be leaving just yet. We're keeping our fingers crossed for them to make it into the finals!


Patty said...

I can truthful say, this is one show I never watched. I've seen the commercials, but never watched it. I will admit I watch Dancing With The Stars.

Columbo said...

Our picks all made it. I really enjoy Idol, and I think this year has more talent than other years. We like Dancing and watch that every year.

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