Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sentimental Sunday - No. 3

Summer of 1975. Did you see it? The biggest movie of the summer was Jaws. Kept me out of the ocean for years!

My dad and I had special things that we did together – just the two of us. Going to the movies together was one of them. We went to see Jaws; I was almost 16. We both had our popcorn and our sodas. We sat in the darkened theater and were totally involved in the movie. At one point I got startled; I jumped and screamed and dumped my entire coke in my Dad’s lap. I remember looking over at him, handing him all the napkins I had, telling him how sorry I was. And, in that darkened theater he looked back at me and uttered one of his famous sayings, “Cindy Lynn, you’re about as handy as pockets in long underwear.” I laugh about it now, because I can remember that look on his face. He wasn’t all too happy with me, but what are you going to do?

Some of Dad’s other favorite sayings to me were:
- You’re like a bull in china shop
- You’re as handy as a screen door on a submarine

He called me “Petunia” and “Daddy’s Little Sweetie Pie”.
Love you Dad!


Columbo said...

That is a very funny story, an one I can believe knowing you and scary movies.

Patty said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful relationship with your Father. You can be proud of that

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