Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Sentimental Sunday No. 6

Happy Easter everyone. I hope that whatever you are doing - you have a beautiful day.
Cindy - Easter 1965 - I absolutely LOVED that parasol purse!
I have many fond memories of Easter. When I was young we would go to my Pop’s house for dinner and the Easter Bunny always made sure to stop by to hide eggs for me.

John E. Porter was my Dad’s father. He and his second wife - Grandma Bessie - lived in Simi Valley. To be honest, I don’t really know a huge amount about Pop. They moved to Arkansas when I was five or six, and I don’t think I ever saw him again after that. He died when I was nine. But, I remember him so fondly – and with a great amount of love.

After they moved he would send me pictures of animals in their yard, and he and Grandma Bessie sent what I believe was my first “grown up” Bible. When we visited them he would take me on a short walk out onto their property. From there we could see the train going by. We would stand and count the cars of the train together. It is a very happy memory for me and I think of him every time I see I train passing by.

Pop worked for years at MGM. He was the person that got my Dad involved in the movie industry. Pop was a prop maker and he worked on many famous movies – The Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind to name a few. He is buried in Bentonville Arkansas, very close to his brother, Gilson. Someday I would very much like to travel to his gravesite to pay my respects to a man that I didn't know very well - but loved nonetheless.

Here a couple of photos of me on Easters past. Today I got to have my own Easter Egg hunt. My son wanted to hide eggs for ME today. So, he did that and he hid them well. I had fun searching for them, and I think he had fun hiding them for me.

Cindy - Easter 1962

Cindy and Sylvia (Mom) - 1963


Columbo said...

A very special time during your life, nice to capture them with your lovely posting this Easter. I love you very much and think it is great that we have our little egg hunts with JJ now.

laura said...

What a wonderful post! Happy Easter!!

Lynette said...

Super post about your grandfather, your Easter memories and the new one made today with your precious son.

irish daisies said...

oh you are so cute and a nice post about your pop pop

Megan said...

How nice to reflect on Easters past. It is such a great holiday to spend with family. Glad you have such fond memories and pictures to go with them. Happy Easter!

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