Sunday, April 26, 2009

"Secret" Wedding - Sentimental Sunday, No. 8

photo from weddingphotosnet
Richard and I were planning our wedding on the Queen Mary. It was to take place in front of all our family and friends on Sunday, October 25, 1987. However, at the time Richard was thinking about retiring from the police department and we needed to be married for one year before he retired in order for me to be eligible to receive his pension. I remember us standing in our kitchen talking about this and his not wanting to have to wait to retire for 18 more months. So, I suggested we could go to Las Vegas that weekend and get married. Just the two of us, and we wouldn’t tell anyone. He thought it was a great idea.

The only people we told were my Dad and my friend Patricia, who was also my matron of honor – and my boss. I needed to leave work early on Friday so we could head to Vegas. She kept our secret, as did my Dad.

On Friday April 24th we drove to Las Vegas on Friday afternoon, and headed straight to the courthouse to get our license. We wanted to be married on April 25th, exactly six months before our planned wedding on the Queen Mary. So, after obtaining our license we had a nice dinner, went back to the hotel to change our clothes for our wedding.

A little after midnight we went to the Justice of the Peace and were married at 12:30am, April 25th, 1987. I remember giggling through most of the service, especially at the “for richer or poorer” part. Richard laughed at that part too.

The weekend flew by and we had a wonderful time on our secret getaway. One memory that stands out is having dinner that night at Don the Beachcomber. They played the Hawaiian Wedding Song for us.

It was kind of fun having this secret that practically no one knew about. Although I wouldn’t have traded my fancy wedding day for anything – our secret wedding is almost more special because it was shared between just the two of us. And, here we are 22 years later – still together. And our secret isn’t such a secret anymore. Most everyone knows about it now, but we did keep it a secret for years. I love you Richard! I would do it all over again. Here’s to another 22 years – and then some.


Columbo said...

I wouldn't trade all other years and memories for anything also. Our special "Secret Wedding" was very special and will always be remembered
as such. Happy Anniversary Honey.

laura said...

Happy Anniversary!! I LOVE your wedding story!

Megan said...

You guys are so cute. Now you have two excuses each year to celebrate you wedding.

Patty said...


Jason, as himself said...

A secret wedding. Romantic! And it seems that you've been very happy all these years.

irish daisies said...

aww that was such a wonderful wedding :) happy anniversary and many many more

nolablossom said...

Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed your wedding story! Hope yall are doing well! It's second weekend of Jazz Fest here and my brother from Bend is in town! Take care.

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