Monday, May 11, 2009

Mulligan's Wild Animal Kingdom

OK - maybe not "wild animals" but the term can be relative. It appears we are the new proprietors of "Mulligan's Home for Wayward Cats". This little beauty has adopted us. He knows a soft touch when he sees one.
For the third year in a row a family of robins have built their nest outside our bedroom window. Yesterday the babies flew out of the nest.

Yesterday evening we were enjoying a nice jacuzzi when "kitty" climbed over the fence to visit with us. He was hungry and I was planning on getting him some food when I went into the house. Unfortunately he saw something that appealed to him more than Friskies. You guessed it - baby robin. I can't even being to verbalize how upset I was seeing him run off with the baby in his mouth, and the mother and father robin squawking loudly at him. Other birds started diving bombing him as he scurried back over the fence. I'm just not cut out for things like that. I'm no "Marlon Perkins" and we aren't being sponsored by "Mutual of Omaha".


Megan said...

So sad :-(

laura said...

Oh that is SO sad. I know it's the circle of life, but it's just so sad!

Patty said...

Yes, it's upsetting when a cat does that. But it's their instinct to prey and attack.

Our daughter found a baby rabbit one of hers attacked, and was just playing with it, but the rabbit was scared to death, she brought it to our backyard and he has really grown. He's been out there since last Fall.

Columbo said...

Cindy got upset with me when I called the cat "Feathers". I tried and up a little different light on it, but she didn't seem amused. I think she has almost forgiven the cat since this morning I found fresh cat food outside...I didn't put it there.

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