Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Richard - Sentimental Sunday No. 9

Today is Richard’s birthday. Happy Birthday my handsome husband!

Looking at this photo of him as a three year old boy – I wonder what he was like. He looks like an angel in this photo, but having heard some of the stories of his childhood…. My guess is that he was a handful!!

There was the time that he drank ant poison and had to be rushed to the hospital. Well, he would tell you that it wasn’t his fault. He was only three and the poison was in a Coca Cola bottle in the garage. He thought it was a Coke. I’m sure that trip to the hospital took a few years off his Mother’s life. During that hospital stay, he got lost in the hospital. (He is sitting over my shoulder right now saying “I wasn’t lost! I knew where I was!”) He decided to go “sight-seeing” and left his room for a fun elevator ride. His Mom came to the hospital to see him, and his bed was empty. There went a few more years off her life!

Around four or five years old he decided that he wanted some Jello. And apparently he wanted it NOW! He boiled the water himself, made the Jello and put in the freezer. His Mom was very surprised to find that he had made the Jello all alone. Of course he hasn’t cooked a thing by himself since then… but that’s beside the point! (Again, he is over my shoulder and wanted to be sure everyone knows that he DOES know how to boil water!)

When he was about seven he and his family were at a lake. Everyone was having fun and enjoying the sunny day when suddenly all the boats began floating away from the dock. “Somehow” they all became untied. Hmmm… could it have been the small boy that was practicing tying knots for his cub scouts badge with the ropes that secured the boats? Nah!!

We could go on and on… there were hornets nests with rocks being thrown at them – subsequently being attacked by hornets, and a 21st birthday celebration that involved a beer keg being dropped on his big toe, and crabbing in Florence Oregon when a crab got a hold of his finger and would not let go, and hiking to the top of Mt. Lassen a few years ago without letting anyone know where he was… but you get the idea! Richard has had an eventful 66 years. Sometimes we wonder how he has made it all this time. But, we sure are glad that he has.

Love you honey! Thanks for the memories. (And the laughs!)


Patty said...

Nice tribute to a man that has led a dangerous life. LOL Happy Birthday Richard. Also, don't know if you know it, but the black type on the brown was very hard for me to read, so I high lighted it to read it better. Have a great Sunday and Birthday.

Megan said...

Nice to get to know Richard better. I can tell you are a mother of a boy by the way you wrote how it took years of his mother's life. Here is to Richard's Birthday and to all the "Mother's" in his life.

irish daisies said...

oh what wonderful and funny stories. A happy birthday to Richard. I'm glad he made it to 66 years! After my husband tells me one of his stories I always say I'm suprised you made it to your age!

Columbo said...

I guess I was a "handfull" when I was growing up. I was into everything. When I was 10 months old I climbed up on a dresser which then fell over on me. I broke my foot! It is lucky I lived through those years. My Mom reminded me many times when I was raising my kids on making sure I kid proofed the home.

laura said...

Great stories!! Happy birthday Richard!!

Nancy said...

You were ALL boy weren't you Richard!!! What adventures you had and lived to tell about them. ;) Happy birthday!!!!!

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