Sunday, June 28, 2009

Family Ties - Sentimental Sunday No. 17

Family! A la Familia! It’s the greatest. I have so many happy memories of my family. Not that I had a lot of family while growing up. Both of my parents were only children – so I didn’t have any Aunts and Uncles. I did have some wonderful Great Aunts and Uncles though. And through my Auntie Mae Mae, I have my cousin Nona and her kids. During our recent trip to Southern California I got to spend an afternoon with them. Here’s a photo of us:
Blakely, Mikki, John, Nona and Cindy
We also got to visit with our daughter, Kristi and her family. Here are some photos of our day with them:

Andy, Megan & Angela

Richard, Kristi, Megan & Angela

Richard, Kristi & John

We feel thankful and blessed for all of our family memories. For the time we had with those that have already passed, and for the time we still enjoy with those still here. We love you all!

Four Generations - Cindy, Kristi, Megan & Angie


laura said...

How wonderful you got to visit so many family members on your trip!

Megan said...

It was so super fun to see you guys. Angie really loves her books. Thanks so much. We love our GG Cindy, GG Richard and Uncle JJ!

Jason, as himself said...

You're so lucky to have such a great family!

irish daisies said...

nice trip to see your family I love family get togethers :)

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