Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day - Sentimental Sunday No. 16

Both Richard and Cindy were very blessed with wonderful fathers. John Porter and Jim Mulligan were fantastic men. Strong in character, physically strong, and strong in the amount of love and caring they heaped upon their family.

We both miss our Dad's very much. We miss the contributions they made to our lives and the love they shared with us. We were lucky to have them for the time that we did. We both believe we had the greatest Dad in the world.

Cindy's Dad - Johnny

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you've already heard many stories about Cindy's Dad. So, for this installment of Sentimental Sunday we'll talk about Richard's Dad - Jim.
Richard's Dad - Jim
One of Cindy's favorite memories of Jim was during her first visit to Salem. Jim and Jeane took us on a driving tour of the city. It was springtime and all of the flowers and trees were in full bloom. Jim loved nature and appreciated the simple beauty of a colorful flower. As we drove through the town, admiring peoples gardens, Jim would excitedly exclaim, "Oh, look at the pinks, look at the yellows!" Now of course, after living in Oregon for 13 years, I understand the excitement Jim expressed at seeing the vibrant blossoms after a long dreary winter. He was a really sweet man!

Happy Father's Day to John. Happy Father's Day to Jim. We love you - and we remember.

And, Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there... especially to my handsome husband, Richard. He's a pretty awesome Dad too. I think that Brian and Kristi and John would all argue that THEY have the greatest Dad in the world.


laura said...

Sweet post, Cindy.
Happy Father's Day Richard!

Patty said...

What a beautiful memory. I was 57 before I ever remember hearing my Dad say he loved me. Then he did it in a kind of Donald Duck voice. I guess he was never at ease saying that to any of us kids. I never could understand why, he had a loving Mother, but his own Father was a little stand offish.
Nice you have such fond memories. Feel blessed.

Columbo said...

What a nice compliment. We as Dads try our best. I must say I was very lucky to have my Dad. He was so special when I was growing up. I tried to be the same Dad as he was to my children who I love very much.

irish daisies said...

very nice post about that daddies. its great to have such wonderful people touch our lives

Columbo said...

This week after Father's Day I am spending time with my son John having a little travel time down the California coast. Saw San Francisco yesterday. Nice day and no fog! Golden Gate Bridge was awesome sight.

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