Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Patient

Richard had surgery last Monday. (it was planned) We knew he would be in the hospital for five to seven days but we anticipated that he would be feeling pretty good and planned accordingly with books, dvd's and his computer... all to keep him occupied. Unfortunately he didn't recover quite as quickly - or as pain free - as we thought he would. What is it they say about the "best laid plans" and all....

In any case, he's home now; recovering but still rather weak and tired. This picture was taken on Monday night after surgery - when he was feeling really good. Morphine in an epidural directly in your spine will do that for you!

I kept trying to convince the nurses that the spouses should have a "happy button" that we can push to make us feel better. They agreed with me, but alas I am still waiting for my "happy button"!

It was a really rough week on him, John, and on me. Being the organized Virgo that I am, I will be scheduling my nervous breakdown for Friday! Cheers!


Megan said...

Phew, what a ride. Hope the healing continues for him and you.

Patty said...

Glad he's home. Now just make him do what the doctors tell him to do. Sometimes these men think they are Superman and try to do things before they should. I know, that's how Abe got a hernia and four months after his aortic aneurysm surgery he had to have the hernia repaired.

It's amazing what us spouses can go through. Hang in there, it will get better.

Tell hubby we said get well quickly, but listen to the doctors.

irish daisies said...

I'm so glad he is doing better :) hugs to you!!!

laura said...

I"m glad he's home now and I hope you both are doing great! :-)

Jason, as himself said...

May his recovery be speedy!

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