Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome Home!!

We arrived home from Maui around 11:30pm last night. This is what was waiting for me on our door !Our crazy neighbors - and totally excellent friends - decided to leave me a little "Welcome Home" to celebrate my birthday and welcome into a decade! The entire house was decorated with balloons and references to the fact that I am now "Over the Hill". They're just happy that I've finally joined THEM on the other side of that hill!
Kerry with Alyssa - Caught in the act of blowing up all the BLACK balloons! Dodi was too clever to be caught on tape!!

There were 100 balloons scattered on the floor. Hey Guys!! I'm only 50!!!
Look at this awesome tablescape that Dodi set out for me! Complete with cake and some much needed wine after the trip home!
What a sweet sentiment written on the envelopes of my two birthday cards!

Very yummy chocolate cake. My favorite; although I could have done without the skulls and RIP humor! tee hee hee....
It was a wonderfully funny and entertaining way to welcome me back from my vacation! Thanks guys! Love you tons! xoxoxoxo


Kim Despain said...

How hilarious!! What fun and great neighbors.....I love people with a sense of humor!

Columbo said...

What a surprise! A great coming home gift for our "old" Princess....We enjoyed the wine, cake, and all the balloons. What great friends.

Adrienne said...

Hysterical! What a great friends you have!

laura said...

What an awesome birthday surprise!! FUN!!

irish daisies said...

oh that is sooo sweet of them.. really u r 50? u look AMAZING!!!

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