Sunday, April 25, 2010

Genealogy - Sentimental Sunday No. 43

1856 - 1948

This is my Great Grandfather, Lewis B. Heslet. The more I research my family tree - the more gems I uncover.

My Uncle told me that Lewis was a blacksmith. He's looking for a photo to send me of Lewis in his blacksmith shop. I can't wait!

While googling some of my ancestors names I discovered that Lewis had applied for a patent and was approved in 1911. The patent was for a machine which sharpened plow shares. Here is an excerpt of the patent:

This invention relates to machines for sharpening plow shares, and it has for its object to produce a machine of this class of simple and efficient construction in which the plow share, after being adjusted in position for operation, may be automatically ground or sharpened without further attention on the part of the operator.

I don't know how successful the machine was, or how long it may have been in operation. More research on my part is needed. But, I was pretty excited to find this piece of information. The more tidbits I discover about my ancestors - the more excited I am to continue researching.


scott and vikki said...

very nice. i saw some site on the tv about finding out more about your old relatives online. sounds like fun :) i always love ur old photos!

Columbo said...

Very cool I must say!

Kim said...

Cindy that's really cool!

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