Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Orleans Adventure - Part Three

We began this day by walking to the Civil War Museum. It was established in 1891 - and Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy, had a huge hand in making sure that this memorial was established. This building is the oldest museum in Louisiana.

They don't allow photographs to be taken of the individual exhibits - but they do allow photos from the front door. It's a really beautiful building, filled with wonderful and sentimental memorabilia. I was amazed at how small in stature the men were. Their uniforms looked so small to me. We were able to see Robert E. Lee's mess kit - with his monogrammed silver ware. What a gem.

We made lunch reservations to eat a Muriel's on Jackson Square. It had come highly recommended by three different friends - so we had to try it. Wonderful doesn't come close to describing what a fantastic lunch we had there. We loved the ambiance of the restaurant and the service was impeccable. A real treat - and we highly recommend eating there if you're ever in NOLA.
After lunch we went to the Louisiana State Museum at the Cabildo - on Jackson Square.

What treasure trove this is! Original outfits from the 1800's

A slave collar from the 1840's - this was a very sobering exhibit for me. How sad to think of human beings treated like animals.
The beautiful second floor level where parties were held. The room off this receiving room was where the Louisiana Purchase was transferred.

Quite a bit of memorabilia belonging to Napoleon.

And his death mask. Truly a unique treasure.

And last, but not least, the piano that belonged to Fats Domino. It sat in his home in the Lower Ninth Ward in the flood waters after Hurricane Katrina. I got so sad looking at it. All the feelings of loss washed over me all over again.

One more day to blog. It makes me sad all over again - we love New Orleans so much. There is always such excitement when we are planning and preparing for our trips there. And then the sadness of having to leave sets in. (sad face)

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Laura said...

LOVE all your photos and tidbits about your trip! What a fun family vacation!! And great photos!!

Columbo said...

I just loved the Civil War Museum and the Louisiana State Museum at Cabildo. There is so much history in these museums, one on my favorite days. Muriel's was fantastic, one place I will readily return to.

Kim said...

What amazing and interesting things you got to see ~ the more I read about it, the more I want to visit here some day. Thanks for sharing!! I loved reading it and death masks, although morbid and macabre, always fascinate me.

scott and vikki said...

love all the history and photos. it looks like you guys had a great time. i never knew they put bells like that on slaves. i bet the food was amazing!

5Youngers said...

Great documentation of your trip. Love the pics!

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