Friday, June 11, 2010

The "Delicious Dishes" Reunion

About 12 years ago my friend Tracey and I started a group called "The Delicious Dishes". There were 16 of us at one time, and eventually there were 20. Quarterly we planned really extravagant and special evenings. We stayed together for about 3 years. Since then we've had one reunion, and tonight we had another. Most of us are still friends - but we don't see each other often. So, the reunion potluck we had tonight was a blast! Great food and drink - but more importantly LOTS of laughter. I am SO lucky to have such great girlfriends.
Lorraine & Adrienne
Adrienne & Me
Peggy & Mary Louise
Tracey & Tammy
Kathleen & Teri
Lorraine, Adrienne & Peggy
Laura & Me
Unfortunately some of our friends have moved away - but we stay in touch with them. And, some of our group couldn't make it tonight. But, there may be another reunion in the works for autumn. I would totally be up for that! We had a FANTASTIC time tonight.


Columbo said...

You all look marvelous! Looks like a great time for all.

Kim said...

Looks like a really fabulous time!! I love all these groups and am thinking I'm missing out on something fun!

5Youngers said...

What a great group of friends... you are all very beautiful!

scott and vikki said...

aww thats so sweet and a great way to see your friends. i can leave comments now yeah!! love the 70s idea for the bday party too! you always do such great things!

Laura said...

Everyone looks so great! I'm bummed I had to miss it!

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