Sunday, September 12, 2010

Love Letters From Sea - Sentimental Sunday No. 54

Here is another letter written by my Father to my Mom. Their anniversary would be tomorrow; 69 years. This letter was written two days before their first anniversary. It was my Dad’s “anniversary card” to her. If I EVER doubted, which I haven’t, their love for each other – this letter would put those doubts to rest.

September 11, 1942

My Darling Wife:

I have been sitting here reading a book for the past hour and it reminded me of our lives and problems and I just couldn’t read any longer without writing and telling you that I love you from the very bottom of my heart, darling. I don’t know whether I shall be able to mail this letter or not, but I must write it to ease the pent up feeling I have inside me. I know that if I could just hear your voice, I know it would disappear.

My love for you is so very great, that when I’m away from you I feel like I shall explode. I miss you so terribly much sweetheart; and just knowing that you love me and are waiting for me to come home is the only thing that keeps me sane.

In two more days we’ll have been married a year and darling I want you to know that it has been the most heavenly year I’ve ever known. Just being your husband and knowing your love is all I want from heaven and earth. I do know that the love I have for you is real and true and that there never will be or could be anyone for me but you. You captured my heart from the very day I met you. I realize that you mean everything in the world to me and without you my life would be a blank. I truly know that I could never live without you and that as long as I have you, which I pray is forever, I shall one day be something. You’re my only happiness.

Although we are apart I know that our love for each other is just as strong as when together, and I’m sure that if every other married couple were as much in love and as true to each other, there would never be any need for divorce. I know that if there were no war that we would both be more contented with the fact that we could be together, but if every man loved his wife and longed for her as I do for you, their marriage could be nothing but a true honest and successful one.

I am looking forward to the day when we can be together always and build our home and live like we were intended to. But to put all this together and boil it down it simply means that I love you with all my heart and soul. Sweetheart, you’re my past, present and future and I shall be yours alone until the end of time.

I love you and miss you so terribly much darling. And I’m so hopefully praying that I shall be able to see you again; soon. Bye now sweetheart, and even though we can’t be together on our anniversary I’m wishing you a very very happy one.

Yours forever,
Your loving husband,


Columbo said...

What a beautiful letter. How hard it must have been during that period of time. How nice you are able to share.

Patty said...

Beautiful. I wish I had kept Abe's letters. But the few times we moved, they slowly got thrown away. Your parents must have been a great couple.

Darby said...

I know I miss Stephen down to the soul when I haven't seen him for even just four days. Those days don't even compare because we call and text and instantly send pictures. Your parents' sacrifice is appreciated. They seem like such a perfect couple. Thank you for keeping those memories alive.

Megan said...

He is so good with words. It must have been so hard for them to be apart.

Laura said...

What a romantic you father was. I love that and I love that you have their letters. What a treasure!!

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