Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Celebration Continues

One of my favorite things about my birthday is getting to share it with one of my BFF's, Adrienne! 
We love celebrating together - especially with our Ya Ya Sisters!  A YaYa Birthday is the BEST!  This one was no exception!

~ Adrienne & Brenda ~
~ Brenda & Me ~
~ Kathy, Me & Jamie ~
~ Me with Laura ~
~ Kathy, Jamie & Laura ~
~ Make a Wish ~
Kathy made us a "Super Cake".  It was really good.  She put a lot of love and time into it.  And we had Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream too!
As usual, our Ya Ya Sisters spoiled up immensely.  It was a great evening, full of fun and laughter, fabulous food - and love and friendship.  We're so blessed to have each other.  I am thankful for these beautiful women who love me - and I love them right back!


Patty said...

Happy birthday to you and your friend. Cake and ice cream look delicious. Love the black and white photos. Happy week-end. Enjoy the extra day off work.

Laura said...

It was a fun evening celebrating your birthdays!!

scott and vikki said...

oh my that cake looks so yummy. its so nice that you have so many wonderful friends. you are very blessed. hugs to you. i'm glad you had a great birthday

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