Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Photo Shoot

Last weekend we took family photo's for our Christmas Card this year.  Our friend, Laura Peterson, is an amazing photographer.  She always makes us look SO GOOD!

Here is a "sneak peek" of some of our favorites - but none of these "made the cut" for the actual card. 


Laura said...

Can't wait to see which photo will grace your Christmas card this year!
Now I need to take MY family photo :-)

Columbo said...

Laura is amazing as you said. I think she has taken our best Christmas photos over the years.

Kim said...

Looking fab!!!

Patty said...

Will be waiting to see which you chose for the card.

Should Fish More said...

We share the last name, my dad's family is from Springfield, ancestor Charnelton Mulligan (Eugene).....found this by accident. I grew up in Bend, lo those many years ago. Could we be shirttail relatives? You could leave a comment on the latest post on my 'blog''s not terribly active, but I'll check it. Not sure about leaving an email address here.

Should Fish More said...

Cindy, thanks for the quick reply. Probably hard to know, my branch of Mulligan came to the Willamette Valley around 1847, Charnelton was the co-founder of Eugene, along with Eugene Skinner...there are a bunch of Mulligans in Springfield still.
I enjoyed reading some of your posts, hope you have a good year.

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