Sunday, June 5, 2011

Craft Cabinets

I love working on crafts.  I stamp cards, make scrapbooks and quilt... and with those hobbies come a lot of supplies.  To this point, one half of my family room has always been piled high with craft supplies.  Tables and shelves were full of the "tools of trade"... and not in any particular or neat order.  So, my dream has always been to have a craft area, complete with counters and cabinets, in which I could "hide" my supplies when not in use - and have plenty of space to spread out when working on a project.

Robin Wengert, owner of Green Rising Construction LLC (click here to view their website) made my dreams come true when he designed and created a fabulous space for me.  (Robin also created my beautiful front door entry-way.  Click here to read my blog post and see photos.)

We purchased the cabinets and counter tops from Home Depot, and Robin worked his magic to make this an inviting and functional space. 

I love spending time in my family room now... a place for everything - and everything in it's place!


Columbo said...

I just love our cabinets, what a difference!

Kim said...

Wow those are amazing!!! I'm thinking a girls craft night is in order..hmmm?

Megan said...

Ahh, a crafters heaven :)

Laura said...

It looks wonderful Cindy! Congrats on your new space!

Patty said...

Beautiful space to work in. Looks a lot like what our one daughter did for her work area. She also has a big TV mounted on the wall and her computer on part of the counter. But she can craft in there and then shut the door to keep the cats out. She retired last year at the age of 48, having 30 years in with the school system. She loves being home every day and able to more or less do what she wants each day. Although about six weeks ago, she had to have robotic surgery on her one kidney, they removed a 1/3 of it and reconstructed the remaining 2/3. She's getting along great now and the tumor wasn't cancer, but it was one her doctor had never seen before. And he said he does about five a week. Piece of it were sent around to several different places, apparently it only happens one in about 1,000 tumors of the kidney. I can't even remember the name of it.Have a great week-end. Work space is great.

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