Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bill & Cathie

We had a great time visiting with our friends from Colorado yesterday.  Bill is one of Richards' Fraternity Brothers.  They reconnected through Facebook and LinkedIn, after MANY (many...many...) years.
Bill and Cathie live in Golden Colorado, which is home to Colorado School of Mines - Bill & Richards' Alma Mater.  They enjoyed visiting Oregon and are headed a bit further north to the Orcas Islands.  They love Indian food - so I made a feast for their enjoyment.

One of our local sites that they enjoyed was Silver Falls State Park. Unfortunately I was still at work when Richard drove them up there.  The three of them had a lovely afternoon, including a short hike around the falls.

We hope to visit them in Colorado sometime next year.  It's always fun to visit with friends - and even more sweet when the years apart simply melt away - and it feels like yesterday when you visited last.

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Cathie said...

Cindy and Richard, We had a wonderful time meeting/reconnecting with you. The India feast you prepared for us was much appreciated and delicious! Bill had a good time cathcing up with Richard. We had a great time on the rest of our trip to the San Juan Islands and Vancouver and look forward to seeing you in Colorado. Have a great time in New Orleans!

Bill & Cathie

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