Sunday, May 27, 2012

Afternoon in the Vineyard

Richard and I had an opportunity for a little wine tasting today.  We visited Piluso Vineyard and Pudding River.  Both quite tasty and we may have brought a bottle or two home to enjoy this weekend - and beyond.  But, the added bonus was that we know the owners of Piluso's and got to enjoy their company along with their daughter Tracy and my BFF, Adrienne.  

Richard snapped this photo of "us girls".  It was really nice spending a little time with them and enjoying such delicious vino!
Here are the links to the vineyards:

At Piluso we really enjoyed the Tempranillo and Blanc de Noir.  Both deliciously YUMMY.

At Pudding River I was pleasantly surprised to find a scrumptious Viognier.  We don't usually see this varietal in the Willamette Valley.  So, this was a treat!  I also loved the Chardonnay Reserve; totally buttery and creamy.

It was a beautiful little jaunt into the country to enjoy two wonderful vineyards - time together with my hubby - and getting to see friends too! 

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