Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Frivoloity

I saw this challenge on several of my friends Facebook pages – "list 25 songs you can’t live without. "

I decided this was a fun idea, but being the “trailblazer” that I am – I am making a slight change…. In honor of Friday the 13th, I will list 13 songs and 13 movies I can’t live without. Hmmm… This might be more difficult than I first imagined.

1. Claire du Lune by Debussy – This, for me, is truly the most beautiful piece of music ever written.
2. Amazing Grace – Always makes me cry. I think of my Mom and how much I love her and miss her.
3. Lady Madonna by the Beatles – I have always loved this song. Not sure why exactly. But one of my favorites.
4. Imagine – John Lennon. No words needed.
5. Rich Woman – Allison Krause & Robert Plant. They “cleaned up” at the Grammy’s the other night. Such beautiful music from such an unlikely pair.
6. Pride (In the Name of Love) – U2. One of my favorite songs, from my favorite band.
7. Dos Gardenias – Buena Vista Social Club. Oh my! I can almost taste the mojito’s and feel the cool Cuban breeze when I listen to this song. So beautiful and moving.
8. Somebody’s Baby – Jackson Browne. Ah, memories of high school!
9. Crush – Dave Matthews. Dave is fantastic. Richard and I both LOVE LOVE LOVE his music. This is just one of the many songs of his that I adore, but definitely my favorite.
10. All I Have To Do is Dream – The Everly Brothers. First song that Richard and I danced slow to. We had it played at our wedding too.
11. Volcano – Damien Rice. Haunting song. Love the harmony and the combination of guitar and cello.
12. Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans – Louis Armstrong. I can close my eyes and feel enveloped by the Crescent City when I listen to this song. I do know what it means to miss New Orleans, and I miss it every time I think of it.
13. Cochon de Lait – Beausoleil. Well, what would my list be if there weren’t at least one Cajun song on it? Here is a fun one to kick up your heels to at a Fais Do Do. (that means dance)

1. Gone with the Wind – What can be said for this film. Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh – Perfection!
2. Giant – Have you seen this movie? Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean. I highly suggest it.
3. The Wizard of Oz – Memories of my childhood come flooding back every time I see this film. The wonderful transition from sepia to Technicolor. Amazing! My grandfather worked on this film at MGM.
4. The Godfather 1 & 2 – OK, I know this really counts as two movies… but I couldn’t choose between the two, and I realize picking my favorite movies turned out to be much easier than my favorite music.
5. Scarface – Al Pacino at his finest. Triple LOVE this movie.
6. White Christmas – Bing Crosby, Danny Thomas, Vera Ellen & Rosemary Clooney. I’ve seen this movie every Christmas for my entire life. It used to be played on Christmas Eve afternoon in Los Angeles on ABC, Channel 7. My mom would be in the kitchen making her delicious pecan pies, and I would be in the living room watching this movie. The perfect memory.
7. Snow White – Well, you just knew I had to get a Disney movie in here. I have such fond memories of my dad taking me to the movies. That was “our thing”. Out of all the Disney animated films, this one continues to be my favorite of all time. Even over Cinderella! Who’d a thunk it?
8. Turning Point – Shirley MacLain, Mikhail Baryshnikov. My mom and I were fortunate enough to attend the Hollywood premiere of this film. I met Baryshnikov, and saw Shirley from afar. If memory serves, Warren Beatty escorted his sister to the premiere that night.
9. The Birds – My first “scary” movie. It still freaks me out. And, I think my fear of “big birds” probably all began with this movie. Alfred Hitchcock was a master film maker.
10. Singing in the Rain – Gene Kelly, Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds. ‘Nuff said!
11. African Queen – Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. Oh, this movie is just the best.
12. West Side Story – Who cares if Natalie Wood didn’t actually sing in this movie! She tried, but it is not her voice that we hear in the soundtrack. Russ Tamblyn, George Chakiris…. The music, the dancing! Great movie.
13. Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. Well here is a new one for our list! This is MY pick for the best film of 2008. I don’t know if the Academy Award voters will agree with me, or not. But this was a wonderful film, and touching story. And, as a bonus my beautiful New Orleans stars in it too!

Well, that was little more difficult than I first anticipated. It was hard getting started, but then once I got started, it was hard to only chose 13!

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


laura said...

You did a great job! That is so tough!! I'll have to check out some of your recommedations...

nolablossom said...

I'd have a hard time naming my favorite movies and music. But I thought I'd recommend or comment that:

If you like Scarface, have you seen "The King of New York" with Christopher Walken?

And my favorite childhood scary movie was "Salem's Lot".

Believe it or not, I have not seen ANY of the nominated movies - including Benjamin Button! What kind of a New Orleanian am I.

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