Sunday, November 8, 2009

Friends - Sentimental Sunday No. 33

After living in Southern California for the first 36 years of my life, it was scary to move to a new state. What little family I have resides in So Cal – and certainly all of my friends lived there too. So, picking up stakes and moving 1000 miles away was an adventure; one that I was excited about – but one that also contained a certain number of apprehensions.

We had family living in Salem – so at least I knew a few people. And, fairly early on we met our neighbors – who have become more than friends, they’re family. But without a doubt – the best thing I ever did was join MOM’S Club. A majority of my friends today were met there. We formed lasting bonds with our babies, and now we’re all watching our “babies” turning into young men and women.
My first friend through MOM’s Club is still one of my BFF’s - and a fellow Ya Ya Sister – Adrienne. Our boys are only five weeks apart in age, and she too is married to an older man. We had an instant connection, and we’ve been friends since we met. We’re both Virgo’s and totally “get each other”. She is beautiful, funny, and smart. We always have the MOST amazing time together. She taught me to quilt and any time we’re together it’s always an adventure. We’ve travelled together, been to concerts and the theater and truly appreciate each other and all of the gifts that each of us have.

Adrienne is an incredible woman, and a true and honest friend. I am a very blessed lady… I can not only count my five amazing Ya Ya sisters among my closest and dearest friends – but I still have at least another handful of caring and special women in my life. You all know who you are! They say if you can count one handful of really true friends – you are lucky. I have at least two handfuls and among them is my partner in crime, my fellow Virgo, the Ethel to my Lucy – (or is it the other way around? I'm not sure which of us is which) my “sistah”, Adrienne.

I love ya, Girlfriend!


Columbo said...

I knew moving up here would be the thing to do. Our friends are so special especially the Ya Ya sisters.
Adrienne, thanks for taking care of my Virgo Princess.

Adrienne said...

You made me cry! It's ME who is truly blessed to call you my best friend. I love you so much!

Patty said...

Aww, love what Columbo said, how sweet. And how nice you have found such a special friend. Adrienne sounds like a real gem and angel. Hang onto her, they are hard to find.

I have one friend that I have known since fifth grade. We've been friends through thick and thin. We live about 30 miles apart, and she does not have a computer and doesn't want one, but I've been trying to convince her how much fun they can be, especially when you can't get out of the house because of the weather.

Thanks for your visits and comments.

Kim Despain said...

This is such a sweet and heartfelt post! We are glad you moved up here too!

nolablossom said...

I wish I had a Ya_Ya group! It's nice to read about your get-togethers! What great friends you have!

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