Sunday, November 15, 2009

John James - Sentimental Sunday No. 34

This is one of my favorite pictures of J.J. He was about four years old and the photo was taken at the Oregon Zoo. He has always been a very happy child. We are so blessed that God brought this amazing boy to us; that his mother chose us to be his parents through adoption. He brings us so much joy and happiness – even as a teenager! I would be lost without him.

John James is named for both of his grandfathers. John was Cindy’s dad and James was Richard’s dad. James is also Richard’s middle name. Both of our dad’s were already deceased by the time we got J.J., but he has always had a strong connection with his Papa John. When he was small he used to talk about things that Papa had told him and he would have dreams about Papa. When I was small I had a similar connection with Sharon Lee, my sister who died before I was born. So, I thoroughly believe that my dad is with J.J.; a guardian angel if you will.

My favorite story about this connection was right about the time this photo was taken. J.J. asked me to make him a sandwich. I asked him what kind. He replied, “Peanut Butter, Butter and Mayonnaise”. Well, my first response was EWWW… and then I asked him why he wanted that kind of sandwich. He said that Papa had told him it was good and that he should ask me to make it for him. I said OK, but thought to myself – NO WAY would my dad have EVER eaten anything like that. J.J. loved the sandwich and continued asking for it practically every day over the course of the next few months. I tried one – it was pretty good! But, I still thought it was funny that he said my dad had told him to ask for one.

A few months later we were visiting with my cousin Nona who lived with my Mom and Dad for several years. She was actually my Mom’s First Cousin. I told her the story about the sandwich and she said, “Oh Yeah! Don’t you remember?” I said NO. He didn’t eat peanut butter and mayonnaise. She said yes, he did. He ate them with the Best Foods Sandwich spread. Then the light bulb went on for me. I DID remember those sandwiches. That spread is mayo with pickles and spices in it. I didn’t particularly like them, but dad LOVED them. I used to make them for him for his lunches.

I do believe that we have angels guiding us during our life. I’ve always believed that my sister Sherry was my angel and I believe that my dad is J.J. angel. I think that children are more open to hearing what our angels tell us – and I think my dad told J.J. about that sandwich, not just because he loved them and thought that J.J. would too – but because he wanted ME to know that he was still with us and would be there as J.J. guardian angel throughout his life.

I have two fabulous men in my life named John; my father and my son. I’m one lucky lady!


Patty said...

Not only are you lucky, sounds like JJ is also to have such a special guardian angel.

laura said...

Wow, what cool experiences!

Columbo said...

So cool, an amazing story.

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