Saturday, December 24, 2011

Brazil Grill

As our Christmas weekend began, we decided to have a small family celebration at "Brazil Grill" in Portland.  Brazil Grill is a Churrasco (shoo-rah-sko) which is a centuries old Brazilian traditional cooking method.  Their website says, "This unique way of roasting the meat on a special grill from Brazil conserves the natural flavor of each portion and leaves each cut full of its natural juices."
We feasted on all types of meat... to quote a friend - "the entire barnyard ended up on our table!"  There was chicken, and bacon wrapped chicken, shrimp, lamb, filet mignon wrapped in bacon, beef sirloin, sausage, tri-tip, and mustard beef sirloin.  There was also the MOST amazing grilled pineapple.  I had read about the pineapple in reviews from previous diners - and couldn't believe it could possibly be THAT good!  But, they were right... oh, so right!

In addition to all of the various grilled meats, there is also a wonderful salad bar - which contains much more than your typical salad bar items - and they also brought us a plate of amazing Beef Empanadas.  Oh My!  I really loved them.  John, however, referred to them as Brazilian Egg Rolls.  He's a funny boy!
We also had a Caipirinha cocktail which is Cachaca (Brazilian rum), sugar, and muddled lime.  It was extremely tasty!  We will definitely return to Brazil Grill in the future.  Our very carnivorous son was in 7th heaven... but then again - so were we all!  Click HERE to visit the restaurant website. 
Happy Christmas Eve!

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Laura said...

My man clan would LOVE it there. I think it's not a good place to try to find a vegan meal though.

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