Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve - 2011

What a lovely Christmas Eve! We usually go to a friends home but this year we decided to stay home and have a dinner party.  Here are some photos of my tablescape.

 Richard and me before we left for Church.

We enjoyed a lovely service at church and then headed home for our guest to arrive.  I love the tradition of "Christmas Crackers", so I made sure everyone had one.  Inside are little trinkets and paper crowns.  Here are Alyssa, Dodi, Richard and John reading the riddles contained in the crackers.  We had a lot of laughs trying to guess the answers to the riddles.
 Here are Rob, Kerry and Scott being silly with their paper crowns on their heads.
Truly, it was a really wonderful evening filled with love, laughter and good food.  We feasted on delicious salad, rolls, twice baked potatoes, barbecued tri-tip, salmon, broccoli and Bearnaise sauce.  Dodi made a super yummy oatmeal & applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting.  It was very dense and full of flavor.  I went to bed with a full tummy, sore cheeks from all laughter, and a very happy heart.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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Laura said...

Looks so fun and beautiful!

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