Friday, August 8, 2008

Blogging Buddy

Here's our good friend Laura. She is one of Cindy's best friends - one of the YaYa Sisters! Laura is responsible for introducing us to the world of blogging. Thus we have spent hundreds of lost hours on our computers - blogging in cyberspace and connecting with people across the country - rather than connecting with each other in our living room! (Gee, Thanks Laura... I think!!!)

Laura organized our most recent YaYa outing for dinner and miniature golf. Another fun YaYa night with my "sistahs". In addition to her "blogging" skills - she is also a fantastically talented photographer. She is always behind the camera, and we never seem to get pictures of her. But, I caught her on the 18th hole of mini golf! Love you "LaLa"


Columbo said...

Now they got me doing it, I love the Daily City Photo sites!

laura said...

Awe, you're so sweet. Love ya!

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