Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Virgo Girls

Nothing in life is better than friends and family. What is even better is when your friends become "family".

One of my YaYa Sisters - one of my best friends - is Adrienne! She was really the first friend I made after we moved to Oregon. We share the same zodiac sign - and so much more. August is our birthday month. We LOVE celebrating together. Last night we celebrated together at DaVinci's. It was yummy - and full of love and lots of laughter.

What would I do without my "sistahs"? Love you "A"!


laura said...

Nothing like celebrating a birthday all month long. I like to do that myself... :-)

Megan said...

Yea August birthdays are the best. My birthday is in August and Angela should be born any day now in August. With no holidays in August it is nice to have reasons to celebrate.

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