Sunday, August 3, 2008

Butterflies, Wings of Wonder

We decided to take a "field trip" this afternoon. In Independence, Oregon there is a couple that created a butterfly oasis on their property. It is called Wings of Wonder .

Really quite spectacular. There were so many different types of butterflies and moths. Some let us hold them. How cool!

Lots of beautiful flowers and gardens on the property too. A very nice little adventure.

It was really the perfect afternoon. Sunny and warm with a wonderful breeze. We highly recommend if you live in the area - or you're visiting - that you stop by and enjoy some time with nature. Just gorgeous!


Columbo said...

Wings of Wonder was great. We got a lot of great shots and will be blogging more of them. They have a great place for viewing and shooting among the butterflies. We will be doing some return visits.

Megan said...

Wow if the pictures turned out so beautiful I could only imagine how it looked in person!

jill said...

Hi Cindy -- thanks for visiting and the heads up on Wings of Wonder. It sounds like an interesting place and your photos are great. If you live in Independence -- there are certainly lots to see -- and would sure make a very nice addition to City Daily Photos.

I also just looked at your cooking site and can't wait to try the peach cobbler.

laura said...

I want to take the boys there, it looks GREAT! Fantastic photos too!!

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