Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release Party

Tonight I attended the Breaking Dawn Release party with two of my best friends, Adrienne & Kathy. Our dear friend Laura, who was supposed to be with us for the celebration, was unable to come at the last minute. We missed her! Breaking Dawn is the fourth book in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. Great books.

No doubt, we were among the older of the fans at our local Borders. There were games and prizes and a lot of squealing teenagers. The book was available for sale at 12:01a.m. When the "countdown" began - the excitement was palpable. As the numbers on our wristbands were called out for us to get in line, I was glad that everything seemed to be quite organized. (Yes, I'm getting old! I have to admit I was happy that I would be getting to go home soon too!) We were out of the store by 12:45!

All in all it was a fun evening - and a good excuse to get out with the girls. Would I do it again for a different book? Probably not. Am I glad I shared this adventure with two of my best friends - you betcha!

Here we are, flashing E for Edward!

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laura said...

I missed you guys!!

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