Saturday, July 4, 2009

Adventure to California

Last weekend we had a whirlwind trip through Southern California. We went in order to visit family and friends, and to go to Disneyland for one day.

Disneyland on Thursday. It was a great day. Lots of people, but we never waited longer than 30 minutes for a ride. Perfection!

Our Grand Daughter Megan brought our Great Granddaughter Angela to the park to visit with us. Cindy must be the only 49 year old Great Grandmother in history. Let's explain the family tree to you - just a little bit.

Richard is older than Cindy, and had two children - Brian and Kristi. Kristi married an older man, Bob, who has three children - Megan, Darby and Cameron. Therefore, Bob's kids became our grand kids. Following along so far? So, when Megan and her husband, Andy, gave birth to Angela - she became our Great Granddaughter. Got it?

On Friday we travelled to Redlands to visit Cindy's Cousins. In the photo below: Blakely, Mikki, John, Nona and Cindy. Nona was Cindy's Mom's 1st cousin.

From cousins in Redlands to friends in Carlsbad. We went to visit Tom and Kris. Tom and Cindy went to grade school together. Our friend Carol was there too, with her son Jack. Unfortunately, we didn't take any photo's until just before we left on Saturday - and Carol and Jack had already left.

From Carlsbad to Menifee. On to visit with Kristi and Bob, Megan, Andy and Angela!

We bought Angela some Sandra Boynton board books. They were some of Cindy's favorites to read to John when he was little. She is so adorable. Only 10months old. Look at how attentive she is while Cindy is reading to her.

Some group photos with Megan, Andy, Angela and Bob

Dinnertime with Grandma Kris and Grandpa Bob. (By the way, Kristi is a 38 year old Grandma! She was only 37 when Angie was born!)

Angie needed a little bath after dinner. Grandpa Bob introduced her to Cheetos. She loved them - but had them ALL OVER herself.

Andy suggested taking a Four Generations photo. It was like the paparazzi with Richard, Bob and Andy all taking photos. Kristi, Megan and Cindy weren't quite sure WHERE to look. Four generations... pretty funny. There are only 17 years that separate Cindy from Megan!

Of course, once the cameras were out of the cases, everyone had to get in on the fun.

We had a great time visiting with our family and friends. Going to Disneyland was fun because this is the first time that John could appreciate the things that his Grandfather built at the park.

We feel so blessed for our beautiful family. And truly blessed to have such fabulous friends. Richard and John continued their trip for another week after Cindy returned to Oregon. They will be home this morning. We'll post pictures of their great adventure later this week.


irish daisies said...

oh very nice photos and you have a nice large family :) your tree looks a little like our treee :) glad u had such a great time

Patty said...

Nice photos and it sounds like you accomplished a lot in a short time.

Adrienne said...

Ha! 49 year old great grandma! I love it! What a little cutie! Great to see the pictures...I'm glad you had a fun time.

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