Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Time

On Saturday we went to Kelly's house. (Richard's Sister) Our newest grand nephew was there visiting with our niece, Holly, his mom. Canon Lucas was born 8 weeks early in April. He was just over 2 pounds. After several weeks in the hospital he came home in mid June. He is now six pounds and doing GREAT. We are all very thankful!

Here are some photos we took with my cell phone. Sorry for the grainy quality. Forgot to grab the camera on the way out the door!

Aunt Cindy & Canon
Uncle Richard & Canon

Our other grand nephew Rowan and his sister Finley were visiting Kelly too. Rowan calls his Grandparents Bob and Mimi instead of Grandpa and Grandma. So adorable! We had a great time visiting with both of them. Rowan will be three in August and Finley is almost 11 months old. They're a couple of cuties.


Kelly with Finley Rose


Columbo said...

It was a very special day seeing Canon, Finley Rose, and Rowan. I had a nice visit with Holly and Erin who are attending Concordia College this year. I am very proud of them.

Patty said...

Nothing beats a loving family.

laura said...

What a cute family you have!!

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