Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day - Sentimental Sunday No. 18

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We hope that you all had a wonderful 4th of July yesterday. We celebrated with our good friends and neighbors, Kerry, Dodi and Alyssa. It was a nice warm Independence Day, for a change. Normally we are rather chilly while lighting the fireworks in one of our yards.

Growing up in Southern California, when I was very young, all the neighbors on Girard Avenue would get together and we would share our fireworks. We would all congregate at the midpoint of the street, and the Dads would huddle together and light the fireworks for us kids. We all sat, ooo’ing and aah’ing at the colorful showers. And, we would all laugh and cover our ears at the shrieking Piccolo Pete’s. Those were good years; fun years.

As time went on, fireworks became illegal in our area. We could see the fireworks show at the high school, from our front yard. So, we would sit outside - and ooo and aah at those. This was typically done after we had spent the better part of the day at my Godparents house for swimming and a barbeque. My Dad always wanted to be home by nightfall – just in case anyone had obtained illegal fireworks and might be shooting them off close to our home. He just wanted to be sure to be home in order to protect it from stray showers or sparks.

When Richard and I lived in Long Beach, we managed the apartment building that we lived in. Those were some fun years. We had our friends over for barbeques and after dark we would all go up on the roof of the building to see the various firework shows around Long Beach and even neighboring cities. Our building was three stories tall – so we had a great view. Good memories.

Moving to Oregon was an eye opener for us. Fireworks are legal here; at least the normal kind of fireworks that you can get at CostCo or from the various firework tents around town. Of course, people still find a way to get illegal fireworks and shoot them off close to our home. That always scares me and I now understand why my Dad wanted to be home after dark on 4th of July.

We enjoy the tradition of 4th of July; the barbeques and time for friends and family. I love sparklers and colorful showers and still enjoy the shrieking of Piccolo Pete’s. Another Independence Day celebration has come and gone. But, while I enjoyed myself yesterday I took a moment to reflect on 4th of July’s past. Not much has changed. I’m still just a big kid that ooh’s and aah’s at the fireworks and is sad when the last one has been lit.

Happy Independence Day everyone – God Bless America!


irish daisies said...

another great sentimental sunday :)

Patty said...

I agree with irish daisies. Lovely story.

Columbo said...

Yes, the Fourth of Julys were some of my favorite memories of growing up. I still love setting them off and ahhing and ohhing. Happy 4th of July.

laura said...

Glad your 4th was great!

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