Sunday, July 19, 2009

See's Candy - Sentimental Sunday No. 20

photo from See'

Cindy’s paternal grandmother, Julia, worked for See’s Candy in Los Angeles for many years. She worked at the plant and we were never in short supply of See’s at our house. Mom and Dad always got a 25 lb box of candy at Christmas and Cindy always received the MOST AMAZING Easter baskets. One of my favorite memories of her bringing candy to us was the bags of nuts that had fallen off the candy on the conveyor belt. The workers could bring those nuts home for free. We always had a white See’s Candy bag in our freezer that contained an assortment of nuts with bits of candy stuck to them. They were delicious. Click here to link to History Los Angeles blog story about See’s Candy.

One year my mom gave my Godmother, Ginger, a two pound box of See’s. Ginger really wasn’t supposed to eat much candy – so she would hide it from her family and would take a piece out of the box to savor, every now and then. One evening, when we all returned to my Godparents home after dinner, as we walked in their front door we noticed a trail of empty See’s Candy wrappers meandering through their living room. (You know, the little brown paper cups that each piece of candy sits in within the box.) We couldn’t imagine what had happened. But, my Godmother was quick to deduce that their German Shepherd, Silver, had found her candy hiding place and had eaten practically the entire box of candy. Amazing that Silver didn’t get sick. Of course, that dog ate A LOT of things that dogs shouldn’t eat and never got sick. For example, 10 pounds of modeling clay and wood turnings that my Dad and my Godfather had been working on in the garage. She was a wonderful dog – and always managed to amaze all of us.

See’s Candy is fabulous, but for me it’s always a walk down memory lane as I stand in front of the counter selecting pieces of my favorites. Some of mine are Marzipan, Butterscotch Squares, Walnut Squares, Peanut Crunch, Scotchmallow, Molasses Chips… well; the list could go on and on. What are your favorites?


irish daisies said...

wow that is a lot of choclate 25 pound! that might take me a week to eat ;)

laura said...

I haven't had See's forever! I like the coconut cream...

Megan said...

Anything with chocolate and coconut works for me :-)

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