Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Ballet - Sentimental Sunday No. 25

Cindy - 1980
I loved to dance when I was younger. I took ballet and jazz lessons. I performed in ballet productions, and was asked to audition in Las Vegas… but I was only 16 at the time, so that wasn’t possible. Because of my love of dance, my Mom and I truly enjoyed attending the ballet together. Each year, when American Ballet Theater came to Los Angeles, we would purchase tickets to see several performances.

The performance that stands out the most in my mind was “Firebird”. I couldn’t tell you who was dancing that day, or pretty much anything about the performance itself. The reason this day stands out in my mind was my Mother… and her unique sense of humor!

About half way through the performance the prince is explaining to his mother, the Queen, that he does not want to marry the princess she has chosen for him. Instead, he has met the beautiful maiden that turns into the Firebird, and he is truly in love with her. At this point my Mom leans over to me, and in very hushed tones asks me, “do you think he’s telling his mother he can’t marry the princess because he’s in love with a chicken?” A chicken!!! Only my Mom would make that comparison. Of course, she leans back into her seat with a totally straight face and I’m left doubled over in a fit of giggles! She had a way of doing things like that – usually at funerals – that would leave me laughing at inappropriate times.

The two very proper British women sitting to my right looked at me and announced, “Honestly! Some people have no appreciation for the arts!” Thanks Mom!! You got me again!


Columbo said...

Very cute, and so like your Mom. I especially enjoyed 'Swan Lake' with you and your Mom.

Patty said...

LOL, your Mother sounds like she was a corker. IS that you in the photo?
Also if the ladies had only said, Honestly, I never, then you could have said, and it shows. I heard that once from some comedian on TV, Milton Berle I think. Happy Sunday

irish daisies said...

what a wonderful sentimental sunday about you :) you must have had so much fun dancing. I love watching ballet dancers they look so graceful!

Megan said...

What a beautiful picture with a beautiful story. You mom sounds so funny. I would love to have meet her.

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