Sunday, August 9, 2009

How We Met - Sentimental Sunday No. 23

Cindy & Richard - Lahaina, Maui - Aug. 1986

In October 1984 I was working at a bank in Hollywood and Richard was a Detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. A customer of my bank had been a victim of a forgery and my bank was involved in helping her retrieve her funds. Richard was the detective assigned to the case.

On Oct. 25th my assistant came to me to tell me that Detective Mulligan was on the phone to ask some questions about our customer. I began to tell her what she could and couldn’t say; but I ended up telling her I would speak to him. I answered the phone and he and I spoke briefly. He said that he wanted to come to the bank to show us some photographs. For whatever reason I “had a feeling” about this man. I so clearly recall running into the ladies room to check my hair and makeup. He later told me he “had the same feeling”. There really was NO reason for him to come and show us a photo lineup. The forgery hadn’t occurred at my bank. Why would we know what the perpetrator looked like?

In any case, Richard arrived at my bank around 11:30 a.m. and by 1pm he was still sitting at my desk. We clicked right away. As he left he asked me out. Our first date wasn’t until November 12th – but we’ve basically been together since the day we met.

About three weeks later I found that October 25th was the day my divorce became finalized from my first husband. (We were only married for six months, and neither of us had to appear for the final decree.) I remember telling my mom what a coincidence I thought it was that my divorce was finalized on the same day I met Richard! She loudly exclaimed, “Oh Lord! She’s going to think it’s another sign!” I did think it was a sign – and all these years later, I’m pretty sure I was right!

Love you honey!


Columbo said...

How romantic we were then and still are! Wow, how time flies, can't wait for the next 30 years. Love you, Princess.

Patty said...

Aww, how sweet, love his comment to you. Good luck in the next 25 years. Yes time does fly, so take every day, one day at a time and enjoy each minute.

Jason, as himself said...

This sounds like a story straight from a detective/police show, but with a great ending. Well, the ending hasn't happened yet, but you know what I mean. :) Good for you two.

Adrienne said...

Seriously, you have not aged a freaking day!!!!!

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