Saturday, August 1, 2009

Urban Legends

You've all received them. Those odd and sometimes scary e-mails that arrive in your InBox. The ones that warn if you combine Coca Cola with Pop Rocks you can die - or that Walt Disney's body is in cryogenic storage. Or some of those lengthy e-mails that quote a famous person as having given a particularly moving speech or what I would call an "On Your Soap Box" kind of speech.

Before you forward those warnings, and pieces of information that may be helpful or interesting to others, wouldn't it be nice if you could verify whether or not the information contained in that email is true - or not. Well, you can! Have you heard of Snopes.Com? I use it all the time. I really try not to hit the forward button until I've checked the information out. If you haven't used it - go there. Very interesting stuff! Click
here for the link.

Happy fact checking!


Columbo said...

Yes I tried if, and it was very helpful.

KandN said...

It took awhile to train my mom to use snopes AND then I had to train her not to believe the emails that say they've already been checked at snopes.

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