Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Darby's Visit

Our granddaughter, Darby, came to visit tonight from San Diego.  We finally got to meet her boyfriend, Stephen.  Up until now we have joked that we didn't think Stephen was real; a figment of her imagination.  This was because we have been set to meet him on three different occasions and something always comes up to change our plans.  So, finally meeting him - confirming that Darby has NOT imagined him - was a real treat.
For those who are a little confused about the "family connection", Darby is Kristi's (Richard's daughter) stepdaughter - which makes her one of our Granddaughters.  (There is also her older sister Megan and our Grandson Cameron, her younger brother.)

We had a wonderful visit and hope that we will be seeing more of them.  Lots of fun - Lots of laughs - and a yummy dinner rounded out a perfect evening!


Columbo said...

We all had a great time. It was nice to meet Stephen. We hope to have many future visits up here in Oregon.

scott and vikki said...

aww its nice when family visit. my parents will be here in 3 weeks! it will be a nice long visit and after our daughter is coming in nov yeah :) no jeepy yet it was almost ;)

Patty said...

Nice you all had a wonderful visit. Looks like he would be a barrel of fun.

Megan said...

Glad you got together to meet Darby's non imaginary boyfriend.

Spamdrew said...

Darby pulled the wool over your eyes. That is just some dude she paid to come to dinner with her. Stephen is just a figment of Darby's imagination.

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